Hey everybody!

Hope you’re doing well! I’ve posted 15+ new blog posts in the last ~10 days so if you enjoy my writing then there will certainly be something in here for you!

This week’s update is going to be a list of all of my new posts. Let me know if you have feedback!

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Things To Share

  1. Work Online
    1. Epic Human Podcast: Part 2 – 80 Minute Update About My Life
    2. The Five Best Guides About Outsourcing, Virtual Assistants, & Freelancers
    3. Examples of 100+ Businesses Started With <$5k That Have Profited $100k+
    4. The Four Best Guides To Hiring & Managing Remote Teams
    5. The Three Resources That Taught Me How To Sell
    6. Coronavirus Is Sparking The World’s Largest Remote Work Experiment – Is This Remote’s Breakout Moment?
  2. Improve Your Life
    1. The Two Best Resources if You’re Looking To Improve Your Life
    2. Growth vs. Fixed Mindset: One of Life’s Most Important Concepts
    3. Humans Are Poor Communicators & Directness as A Competitive Advantage (My Biggest 2018 Lesson)
    4. Why Being Rejected By The Herd Will Help You In Life
    5. Our Reality Is In Our Minds: Own And Control Your Happiness!
    6. Be Action Oriented and Take Control Of Your Life
  3. Travel The World
    1. Why Bali is My Favorite Place in The World
    2. Why Nomading Is One of the Best Ways To Press The Reset Button in Life
    3. What Is My New Site: Freedom is Everything?
    4. Canggu Guide For Digital Nomads 2020
    5. Chiang Mai Guide For Digital Nomads 2020

Thanks for reading mis amigos! Until next week!