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Five Things To Share

1. I quietly launched two new sites this week (you’re the first to know)! Feel free to check them out and give me feedback.

Two Minute Books: Short, actionable book summaries to help you improve yourself and your business.

Freedom is Everything: The best guide to location independence and digital nomading.

Please focus on the content, not the design as they’re admittedly both rough!

2. Trend: Childhood depression in the U.S. has skyrocketed (NYT Article)

This quickly sums up the issues: “Kids need recess. They need longer lunches. They need free play, family time, mealtime. They need less homework, fewer tests, a greater emphasis on social-emotional learning.”

As someone who loves learning but hated school, this is more personal justification for why I’m unlikely to send my kids to a traditional school.

3. Personal Security: Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) got his Twitter account hacked. You should 1,000% be using a password manager if you aren’t already. 

If you’re using the same password across multiple accounts, you’re asking to get hacked. Considering that essentially every major company has been hacked and things are only getting worse, now is the time to start using unique, random passwords for everything.

I personally use 1Password and most of my passwords are 50 random characters. If you aren’t using a password manager, I would strongly recommend switching to one immediately.

4. Phone Hacks: Changing your home screen and a laundry list of other hacks. 

Last week I suggested changing your phone to black and white, this week I took things a step further. My home screen now only contains apps that I want to use more (it only has ~6 apps). I removed my call button, texting, Spotify, and lots of other apps that I use frequently. The idea is to only make it mindless to access apps that I’m trying to use more but make it more of an effort to use any app that I don’t necessarily want to use more often.

Huge list of phone hacks (tip from my buddy George Jacobs): https://medium.com/better-humans/how-to-set-up-your-iphone-for-productivity-focus-and-your-own-longevity-bb27a68cc3d8

5. Quote: George Eliot

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

Thanks for reading mis amigos! Until next week!