The best bad decision that I’ve ever made. One of the last Silicon Valley opportunities that I declined two years ago, before leaving to travel, was an offer to be a founding team member and the second employee of Lime. Lime is now worth more than a billion dollars and a leader in the bike/scooter sharing market less than two years after starting.⠀

The company fits my overall impact focus and if I had known then that it would be as successful as it is now, I obviously would have joined. And if I had joined, I would be a multi-millionaire (on paper) right now. But I’m grateful that I didn’t.⠀

This “bad decision” is a major blessing because it has directly led to the dream life that I’m living now. And joining would have been one more detour before I found my life purpose and charted my own course.⠀

Being grateful for your poor decisions and living with no regrets is one of my best life hacks. Embrace the journey!