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Five Things To Share

1. American and British children would rather be YouTubers than astronauts (link)

Fascinating and slightly scary survey. Makes me feel old and out of touch with the young generation…found out about this from Andrew Chen.

2. Lofi music is a hot trend right now – chill music to help you work, study, sleep or relax

I’m a fan. Here’s an example or you can search “lofi music” on YouTube. Short for low fidelity.

3. Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t recommend starting a company in Silicon Valley (link)

While I agree with Mark, it’s surprising to hear this come from someone this powerful. I firmly believe that building a company remotely is going to become the new normal this decade. The talent pool for remote companies is 1,000x bigger than Bay Area companies.

4. Why Bali is my favorite place on earth – personal essay (link)

New short post about why I love it here and why I’ll be sticking around for a while!

5. Quote: Marc Andreessen

“Get inside the heads of the people who made things in the past and what they were actually like, and then realize that they’re not that different from you. At the time they got started, they were kind of just like you . . . so there’s nothing stopping any of the rest of us from doing the same thing.”

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