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How To Convert An Apple News Link (2021)

As an Android user, I’ve found extreme frustration with trying to convert Apple News links into normal web links that I can read without having an Apple device. Sometimes I’ve reverted to asking the sender if they...

Vlogging, Incentive Aligned Education, & China – Week #7

Greetings from Austin, Texas where I’ll be living for the next ~4 months! Loving it here so far, this is very much my type of city. Note: you can read all past newsletters here and subscribe here. Five Things To Share 1. I...

5 Things To Improve Your Life #3

Hola Everyone! I’m working hard to make this as helpful as possible to everyone who reads this. If you have feedback or suggestions on how to make this better then please let me know! Five Things To Share 1. Audio Clip:...


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I run Nomad Impact Ventures, an impact-focused startup lab, while traveling the world. On this site I mostly write about Society, Politics, and COVID-19.

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