Hola Everyone!

I’m working hard to make this as helpful as possible to everyone who reads this. If you have feedback or suggestions on how to make this better then please let me know!

Five Things To Share

1. Audio Clip: Naval Ravikant – Seek Wealth, Not Money or Status (5 min listen)

“Wealth is assets that earn while you sleep…the reason you want wealth is because it buys you freedom.” This is a thoughtful breakdown from the founder of AngelList about the difference between chasing wealth, money, and status. Thanks again to Raad Ahmed for the tip.

2. Daily Habit: Write Down Three Things You’re Grateful For (4 min read)

Gratitude is one of the major keys to happiness. And after hearing about this habit from Tony Robbins, I’ve been writing down three things I’m grateful for every day for the last year. If you’re looking for a way to boost your daily happiness then this is an easy hack.

3. Productivity Tools: Distraction-Free YouTube & Distraction Free Facebook (2 min install)

I’m a productivity junkie. Both of these chrome extensions help me with my fix. DF YouTube eliminates everything on YouTube except the search bar and the video you’re watching. DF Facebook removes the newsfeed. The end result is reduced distractions and more productive days – highly recommended!

4. Quote: “What would you dare to dream if you knew you wouldn’t fail?” -Brian Tracy

I heard about this concept in the book Bad Blood because this was the favorite quote of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos. While no one should strive to follow her lead, we are all hindered by self-limiting beliefs. If you strip away those limiting beliefs, what are the big goals that you would strive for?

5. Music: Every Song by Louis Bell

Every Louis Bell song is special to me because I’ve observed him spend 15+ years mastering his craft before “making it.” Each time I hear his music in bars, airports, and grocery stores around the world, I’m reminded to keep my head down and keep working. I spent a lot of time with Lou back in 2011, before he became uber-famous because he was the main producer for an artist that I managed.

He didn’t break through until late 2016 when he became Post Malone’s main producer. Since then he’s had six #1 worldwide songs including Havana by Camila Cabello, Sucker by the Jonas Brothers, Rockstar by Post Malone, Eastside by Benny Blanco, and many more.

The lesson: sometimes you have to be extremely patient before achieving your dreams.

Thanks for reading mi amigos! Until next week!