There are more people getting paid off their looks today than ever before – and this is going to have major societal ramifications in the short and long term. Instagram created this trend and it’s now on an unstoppable path forward.⠀

Similar to how Facebook has created major societal changes that couldn’t have been predicted, Instagram is well on its way to changing the way that humans value themselves and their peers.⠀

And while Twitter has major problems of its own, in many ways I wish Twitter had become the dominant platform because it rewards people for how they think, not how they look or the life that they’re portraying online.⠀

The compounding issue here is that with the overall rise of technology (plus the rise of AI) we’re only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to monumental shifts (that arguably aren’t for the better).⠀

What are your thoughts on the rise of technology and how it will shape society? Would be curious to hear your thoughts.⠀

Photo by @kesumayudha_