“Can I get double chicken in my burrito?” I politely asked the worker at Chipotle.⠀

“Yes, but it’ll cost extra.”⠀

“Can I get double chicken but not have it cost extra?” I asked with a smile.⠀

“Fine with me but she’s a bit of a stickler.” The worker said pointing to another burrito maker.⠀

“Hey, I heard you’re a little bit of a hard ass,” I said playfully to the other worker, “can I get double chicken but not pay double?”⠀

“Cool with me,” she responded with a grin.⠀

And just like that, I had some free chicken. One of my most entertaining life hacks from this year is learning that if you playfully ask someone for something for free, they’ll frequently say yes. And when they do say no, they view the question as so preposterous that they’ll laugh it off.⠀

It’s a great way to get free stuff and have fun with strangers along the way. I’ve gotten free food, free passport photos and I’ve made people laugh with requests such as asking a bartender to change the time on her POS system so that I could pay happy hour prices.⠀

If you’re looking for a way to create a little more entertainment out of life then try this and share your stories with me!⠀

Photo by @haydnpaine1